Sunday, January 30, 2011

Semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan ku .. Amin

ermm br dapat berblog.. lama la jugak x berblog.. x der masa + x de mase cri charger laptop.. lastly dapat gak la .. abes rm 180.00 cost of new charger...
but that not the thing i wanna share..

just the things that im wanna be someone..

In The End

  •  Stage 1:Couple ( 03.01.2008)
  • Stage 2: Engagement will be the end of the way..( 09.10.2010 )
  • Stage 3: Getting married ( 09.06.2011)
    • excited + nervous mode: - 
    • Set the date : June 2011
    • Theme : Maroon.
    • preparation : 
      • Documents:
        •  ----
      • wedding preparation:
        •  ----
      • honeymoon :
        • ----

Just have a short chit chat wif lovely hubby in the future in FB. We are only decide for the theme and the date. hopefully that his mother will be agree with our decision to get married in this June 2011. 

YA Allah, Permudahkanlah Segala Urusan Hamba Mu.
Amin.. Amin Ya RAbbal Alamin.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

selamat tahun baru 2011

salam.. ai dah dekat 2 bln x update blog.. pas enggage hari tu.

ermm skrg bz sesangat ngan kija, balik lambat n x sempat nak beli cri yg sepatutnye cr dalam tahun 2010. ermm ape dia x dgr la? mana leh habaq raghsia la..:P

pertunangan 09.10.10

see you all