Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Sacriife...

hi.. morning,,
today come work without any feel to support the company .. why ? becoz im already tendered my resignation..and the last day i saugust 8th , just to follow my hubby going back to Penang the place whereby we are met.. how sweet it is? anyhow , i need to forgo sumthing to get sumthing.. and it was a called for sacrife// i know that there are the thing that i need to do it..  it is also my plan to get back here.. and now i got it... i wish that i will strongly though to face all the things when i be there..

dear hubby, thanks a lot for supporting me..
wishing our marriage will be long lasting forever and ever.. and it was working time.. just finishing here by the

wish my dream come true..
i baby ....

yours truly lorve,

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