Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Aku & Parcel


this is a previous birthday card from him, means a last year birthday card, since im was in accident that he sent me altogether with his Raya pic... he sent me 2 cards...

i just got a parcel from my luvly hubby... he sent me a jeans n 2 pairs of sunglasses n 2 birthday cards.. now im review his picture through the facebook but it always got a problem, may be due to the broadband problem or the weather problem... till i forgot the si cantik n si buruk rupa now playing on the tv..sangup tu semata mata nak publish a new post pasal my birthday cards and my birthday gifts.

here i just put the pic that was taken by me to be put in this blog just for the review for the future next happen ...

after buka parcel... terus amik display kat kedai lak.
the sunglasses n the birthday card.

ni 2nd pic amik...

after reading the touchin lurvly birthday card

how deep is your love?
my lurvly hubby..

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